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AMVETS Update #10

Liquor storeroom floor repaired, added shelves and painted walls!
AND moved that STICKY MESS out of the room!! ( Pepsi syrup boxes and pumps)

Can't wait to present the finished product when we're done!!!
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From our Commander

April 6, 2020

To ALL AMVETS Department and Posts

RE: Post and Department Elections and Conventions

Due to travel restrictions and social distancing put into effect by our various local, state and national governments many of our posts and departments will not be able to meet for the purpose of electing and installing new officers as prescribed by their CBLs. This is a unique and hopefully once in a lifetime situation.

There is no written policy in any constitution or rules of order to cover this circumstance. The commonsense answer for this is for all officers to remain in office until travel and meeting restrictions are lifted. Then, as soon as possible schedule the nomination, election and installation of new officers.

No post will have its revalidation placed in jeopardy due to these circumstances. I have discussed this with our National Judge Advocate Jim King and our executive director Joe Chenelly, and we are all in agreement. Hopefully, this will not last too long.

Yours in Service,

Jan C. Brown
AMVETS National Commander
SMSgt, USAF Retired
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Update from Jay

AMVETS Update #7
Fresh paint going on the walls
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A new update from Jay

AMVETS Update #6

North wall floor removed and replaced
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